Patient Stories

I had Back Pain and it has reduced to a marked extent with Specialized Physiotherapy at Mission Health. Even I suffered from Shoulder Pain and it has also been treated very well at Mission Health. I wish them all luck in their future endeavors

Mr. Piyush Desai Chairman, Wagh Bakari Tea

I have been suffering from neck and upper back pain since long. I went for many other options of treatment for this pain-neither of them did anything to help. I came to Mission Health and get rid of my pain here. I am thankful to Mission Health Team for giving me treatment with the latest technologies and concepts. I had a wonderful experience!

Ms. Sweta Gandhi Dentist, Bombay, Maharastra

I am suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. My joints of hand and knees became severely stiff and painful. At Mission Health they treated me with advanced pain relieving technologies to relieve pain & decrease swelling, exercises to improve flexibility and strength and reduce stress on joints. It helped me out to manage the symptoms and prevent their worsening. I am very thankful to Mission Health Team.

Mrs. Kalavati Shah Housewife

It has been a wonderful experience coming to this amazingly well-equipped centre which not only treats patients with the most modern equipments as well as super specialized Physiotherapists but also has a wide range of Preventive health based program. I think it’s an asset to our city to have such a wide array of services offered under a single roof that too under a very clean & hygienic environment. I wish them all the best for the future.

Mr. Manish Nagpal Consultant V R Surgeon, Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I had back pain to the point that I could not sit or bend over. I was referred to Mission Health Multi-Speciality Physiotherapy Centre and got my treatment done here with latest technologies and concepts. I am very pleased with the results that I have had. Within a very short time under care, I have been able to work and drive pain free. The doctors are very friendly and co-operative. The atmosphere is homely. I wish them all the very best for future!

Mr. Pradeep Gangadharan Govt. Employee, Jamnagar

Hi. My knee underwent ACL Reconstruction. I came to Mission Health after my surgery. As soon as I met the team here, I was sure I am at the right place. I was prescribed with a Customized Rehabilitation program. I greatly appreciate the personalized approach in developing a high intensity recovery plan. The clinic atmosphere is relaxed and friendly . I am pain free and my knee is much stronger, may be more than the normal knee. Thanks to the Mission Health Team!

Miss. Bhavika Thakkar Professional

I had severe Back Pain and was not able to walk due to nerve trap in my Spine. I was diagnosed with Lumbar Canal Stenosis and doctors advised me surgery. In the meantime, one of my friends referred me to Dr. Aalap Shah at Mission Health. He examined me and started my treatment with Non-Surgical Decompression and relieved my trapped nerves. My Back Pain is relieved and I can walk comfortably now. Thanks to Mission Health Team for the accurate diagnosis and right treatment. Thanks a Lot!

Mr. Arun Shah Co-Founder, Pepe Jeans, London, UK

Dear Mission Health Team, I would like to thank you and appreciate you for all your support and making me feel better from severe cervical, back and neck pain and to making me physically fit. But to highlight you the best thing about this place is that they prescribe no medication. Isn’t it unbelievable? Imagine you getting cured without any medicines. I will surely recommend Mission Health to individuals with any sort of pain. Thank you so much Team Mission Health, for putting a broad smile on my face.

Ms. Nidhi Panchal Professional, Sydney, Australia

Mission Health has a well-researched scientific approach towards dealing with various lifestyle related ailments as well as for bringing about marked improvements in orthopedic problems. The team is extremely well-trained and is being led by dynamic young people, Dr. Aalap Shah & Dr. Disha Shah. I wish them all the best for all their future endeavors and express gratitude for their contribution towards improving the quality of life of all the people who have had the opportunity to be taken care of by them.

Mrs. Anita Karwal I.A.S., Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I had L5-S1disc Herniation and due to that I suffered an acute episode of severe Backache. With comprehensive Physiotherapy treatment for about one month, I got around 80% relief. The treatment of DTS was very much helpful in reducing the pain. Now,I am regularly following various exercises as suggested. I am also thankful to Mission Health Team to help me to recover from the severe pain and assume my routine activities.I also appreciate the way and manner in which entire Rehabilitation Program was carried out.

Mr. Pramod Kumar Verma Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax), Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I have been suffering from Knee Pain since long. It was diagnosed for having Osteoarthritis. I came to Mission Health and was advised to undergo Physiotherapy treatment. After a long period of time, consulting many doctors here and there, I found the place(Mission Health) that could help me throughout. In the initial few sessions only I felt much better with my pain levels. My day to day activities as well as my walking pattern has received good levels of improvements. I deliver a heartfelt thanks to the Mission Health Team for the results I got.

Mr. Ghanshyam Thakkar Businessman

When I was referred to Mission Health Foot Clinic I was suffering from severe Left Ankle Pain because of Flat Foot. I WAS UNABLE TO STAND & WALK. My foot was mal-aligned. The experts from Mission Health Foot Clinic examined me thoroughly & prescribed me customized corrective insole in my shoes & advised me Physiotherapy. Within a month, my pain subsided. Gradually I started feeling strength in my left leg & my posture improved a lot. I was more erect & balanced. It has changed my life. Thanks to Team Mission Health.

Mr. Ronak Mistry Businessman

When I was referred to Mission Health on 01 March 2013 for treatment of Sciatica, I was extremely apprehensive whether I would recover from constant pain I was experiencing in my right leg for past three months. I went through 20 sessions of comprehensive Physiotherapy including Non Surgical Spinal Decompression at Mission Health. At the end of these sessions my pain was considerably reduced. I was advised to do the prescribed exercises at home & review it every week. I heartily thank Mission Health team for the treatment and care they gave me and wish them all the best for future endeavours.

Air Marshal P. K. Desai Retd. President, Air Force Association (Gujarat Branch)

I was suffering from severe back problem. After going through treatments by several Spine Surgeons and Neuro physicians, there was no pain reduction. Then we approached Mission Health. We had an appointment fixed with Dr. Aalap Shah. We found him to be very co-operative. His way to of explaining the problem impressed us. The technologies and concepts used for treatment are excellent! The treatment and follow ups are unparallel! My attending were very much co-operative and friendly. They took care of me nicely and worked very hard to give me the best. I am very much satisfied with results I gained. I wish them Best Luck for future!

Mrs. Mita MehtaHome Maker, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I was suffering from neck and lower back pain and was also troubled by pain in my legs as well. I was referred to this wonderful place by a friend of mine who had also undergone physiotherapy here. Looking at the results he achieved I was more than hopeful and thus I decided to come down to Mission Health for my rehabilitation. I underwent treatment with highly advanced technologies for my spine problems with the help of highly qualified and skilled doctors. I must add here that the treatment has worked extremely well. I convey my sincere thanks to the very young team of doctors at Mission Health. All of them made the entire treatment work brilliantly!

Mr. Dhiraj DhananiBusinessman, Nairobi, Kenya

I am glad to write this for Mission Health. I am surprisingly happy to see the latest technologies being used here to help patients recover as early as possible. Technologies like Non surgical Spinal Decompression, class -3B and class 4 LASER are miraculous! Last but not least, thanks to Dr. Aalap Shah. It was his confidence towards me that convinced me to enroll here and it clearly has proven. The treatment has been 100% effective to treat my spine problem which I had been suffering since long. I am ready to get back to my routine life and work towards my dreams. I wish them much more success and hope they establish such centers all over India. Again, thanks!

Mr. Hardik PatelIT Professional, USA

I came along with my husband for his consultant as he was going through a lot of discomfort. I had pain in my back too and thus decided to get consulted too. MRI scans suggested I had multi level disc problems in my lower back. The pain went down to my legs causing many problems. Even simple walking for 2 minutes was a big task. I began with my rehabilitation and after the completion of my rehabilitation; here I am, walking 15 minutes without any discomfort. I had a numb leg for years and believe me I felt my leg for the first time in 10 years. I am happy and overwhelmed. I am now going to spread this message to as many people as I can so that they can reap the benefits of non surgical rehabilitation.

Mrs. Kokilaben VoraHousewife, Sangli, Maharastra

I was suffering from Back & Left Leg Pain since February 2011. It was very difficult to stand & walk properly. I had consulted 20 doctors for the same. They advised me for surgery. But during this period of difficulties, I was referred to Mission Health. Dr. Aalap Shah treated me with The Spinal Decompression System and other Physiotherapy treatment. I am very well within 40 days (really it is short time for me). I am 100% cured of my pain. When I came, my Spine was 45 degrees bent, but after the treatment I can walk straight. It’s like a miracle for me! I feel that Mission Health is like a home. All team members are very co-operative and kind with patients. I am really satisfied with result of treatment. I wish them all the best for future.

Mr. Mukundray J. MehtaRetd. Deputy Mamlatdar And Consultant – Departmental Inquiry, Gujarat

The centre Mission Health is totally new & different concept in Physiotherapy. The team of Dr. Aalap Shah comprises of Physiotherapists who know their jobs well and administer the treatment with a smile. The new technology 'The Spinal Decompression System' imported from U.S.A is the first of its kind In India. I suffered from Scoliosis, Disc problem and Stenosis and was not able to walk straight. I was bent and my self-respect was virtually lost, owing to almost irreversible scoliosis. I was treated with Spinal Decompression System and I have visibly benefited from its use. It has made me upright to marked extent. I can walk more than 20 minutes now. My zest of life has been restored! I wish all success to Dr. Aalap Shah, Dr. Disha Shah & other team members.

Mr. J. T. TrivediSenior Advocate - Gujarat High Court, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Our experience at mission health are nothing but positive. We would ask people in pain to get here without having a second thought. Consultation with Dr Aalap Shah on 18-02-2015 gave us the confidence that we were at the right place for management of our body pain. Thus, we entrusted them for 20 days of treatment. On the first day of treatment, I felt very positive especially for my swollen ankles and today after 15 days of treatment, I feel great relief in the pain and I am extremely comfortable. My ankle pain is 70-80 percent better than what it was. The Spine treatment has worked wonders for my lower back pain. I already feel that my pain is almost gone! I really appreciate the efforts and the care rendered by the doctors while applying therapy. I will always remember their smiling faces. I once again convey my thanks to everyone there!

Mrs. Hemlata DhananiHousewife, Nairobi, Kenya

What do I say about this place? It has given me a new life. Period. I suffer from multi joint pain but here I would like to speak more on my back problems which was very serious. Since many years, I had multi level disc problems in my spine making my life very painful. Through one of my relative I got to know about this place and decided to take treatment here. Dr. Shah with his tremendous knowledge not only convinced me but educated me about my condition which up till now I was unaware. Only after few days of treatment itself, I have regained my long lost hope and confidence. There are no medications, no belts, nothing. 100 percent specialized Physiotherapy. I wish and pray that Mission Health should open many branches across the country so that other people like me can reap the benefits too. The cleanliness and interior of this place only adds further smiles too. Thank You Mission Health.

Mrs. Sudarshanaben NiroolaHousewife, Chandigarh, Punjab

I was suffering from lower back pain, cervical pain, wrist pain, knee pain and foot pain and thus I was referred to Mission Health Multispeciality Physiotherapy Centre all the way from West Bengal. I took physiotherapy treatment for 15 days and after 15 days of treatment; I am now more than 50 percent better. Before I started with the treatment, walking even for 10 minutes was extremely difficult due to pain. Today, I can walk 20 minutes comfortably. It has made a huge difference in my life. ! I was diagnosed with an L4-L5 disc radiculopathy. A microsurgery was done before 8 months which did not make any remarkable difference. But after the treatment here, I am much better. I can safely say that this is an excellent institution of physiotherapy. The behavior of every team member is really appreciable! Please keep up the stupendous work that you all are doing. I wish you all, huge success in coming years! God bless you all!

Mrs. Shipra SahaHousewife, Kolkatta, West Bengal

I had been suffering for almost one year after going through several treatments locally. I wasn't able to walk straight and was limping through my final year in high school. No one had identified that the main source of the problem was coming from my back as I was feeling pain on the calf area of the leg. I then decided to visit a health farm where I got regular massages. This is where I met a family who suggested Mission Health to me. This completely changed my life. I went through vigorous treatment for 3 weeks which included hot and cold packs, regular stretches and exercises as well as being placed on a machine with weights attached which helped eliminate the root cause of my back. The entire team was so friendly and supportive and this made a great impact on the treatment for my back and leg pain. Today I am back to my normal life. I can now engage in all my physical activities and opportunities that I missed out on thanks to Mission Health.

Mr. Devin ShahStudent, Nairobi, Kenya

I was in tremendous pain, had very limited leave allowance and lot of work to get back to. That’s when I was referred to Mission health in Ahmedabad. I called them directly where Dr. Aalap Shah was proactive, analyzed my MRI and X-rays via email and agreed to attend to me with confidence that he would be designing a rehab program that would aim at maximizing progress in the short duration of 11 working days. I was still skeptical initially and wanted to see it to believe it. I was touched by the care and dedication that all the staff showed me at both centers. And then on the 7th day I was amazed to find myself at ease with my back and posture and now am normal, straight and flexible. I would say the people of Ahmedabad are really lucky to have such a dedicated organization that can make them healthy, fit and agile the whole year long. Ergonomics was great and eye opening. Well done Mission Health staff. You are loving, caring and so dedicated. Big Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Pawan GangaramaniAbu Dhabi

I suffered heavily due to the severe back pain I carried for quite some time, limiting me to many activities that I wanted to do. I tried many things and followed all sorts of advice in order to get myself relieved of this pain. Then, I was told about these world class pain relieving technologies at one of the country’s leading Physiotherapy practicing unit. I wasted no time and booked myself an appointment at Mission Health Ahmedabad. I was explained things about my conditions I never knew. I was actually making silly mistakes which were causing my pain to intensify. I now had a complete understanding of my condition which I knew would definitely help me for my speedy recovery. I was advised 20 sessions of treatment and believe me only after half my sessions itself, I am feeling great. It is amazing how quickly you tend to regain your confidence once the pain subsides substantially. I urge and advice people with such kind of pain to not waste any time and get yourself at this wonderful place for a pain free life.

Mr. Ashish SarawagiT Professional, Dibrugarh, Assam

I was suffering from Varicose Veins in my legs & the problem became so severe that I developed a painfull Varicose Ulcer on my left foot. I took lots of treatments, medicine etc but there were no results. The pain was immense & almost I had lost hope for curing it.And then one fine day I saw the hoarding of Mission Health & came to know about India's first Non-Surgical Vein Clinic. I consulted Dr. Disha Shah at Mission Health. She explained me thoroughly about my problem & non surgical treatment for the same. I took treatment sessions as per advice which included Pressure Technologies and Non Surgical point LASER along with other Physiotherapy treatment that has created wonders for me. Within 30 sessions, the ulcer healed completely, the pain relieved & I breathed sigh of relief. I really thank Mission Health team from the bottom of my heart for providing me the best treatment & provided homely atmosphere during the treatment sessions. My blessings are there with Mission Health forever.

Mrs. Chetna GhodaHousewife

I suffered from severe back and neck pain. The pain was so terrible that even my arms and legs were involved badly to a greater extent. Life was becoming a little difficult to lead with the body not supporting to my needs. Every movement was painful. Even walking for a small distance seemed like a big mission to me. Then, I was told by someone about Mission Health’s speciality in dealing with such conditions with finesse. Thus, we made up our mind to get consulted at Mission Health Ahmedabad. From the time we entered this place, we had such positive vibes that deciding to take treatment was the easiest part. What wonderful technology I must admit. What more do you yearn for when you have truly world class facilities with highly skilled doctors at your disposal. The doctors took real good care which helped me recover speedily. I am better than I ever was. Life feels positive again. I was advised surgery by many doctors but I still wanted to give it one last try. Now I can safely say that I am glad I tried. Thank you Team Mission Health for giving me a pain free life.

Mrs. Rekha JainHousewife, Delhi

"When I came to know that the problem I was suffering (back pain, unable to walk & sit for long time) since 6 months was due to L5/S1 disc bulging, I came India for second opinion as few Doctors had advised me to go for surgery, Luckily, I knew about "Mission Health" where I had already taken Physiotherapy sessions 9 months back. They literally are very determined, work very hard & were so friendly that my pain & problem disappear in few days. Alhumdolillah, I found some drastic and very good changes. My earlier good experience made me come back again, all the way from Riyadh, just for the rehabilitation. The end result made everything worthwhile. I would recommend anyone with any kind of pain to have at least one consultation here at Mission Health and I know he will thank me later for the rest of his life. Thanks to Mission Health & the whole Team for making me feel at home and by giving excellent rehabilitation & services & relieving me from the stress of going for the Surgery, One liner “Everything is Possible at Mission Health”

Mr. Zafar RanginwalaNetwork Consultant, Riyadh, Saudi Arebia

Spine pain can really break your back and I mean literally. It incapacitates you both personally and professionally. I suffer from severe back and neck pain. In medical terms, I was made aware that the disc spaces between my cervical and lumbar vertebrae was considerably less causing my nerves to compress resulting in the irritation and pain. Mumbai has everything so I tried everywhere but to my disappointment I tasted failure. A relative of mine told me about this place called Mission Health in Ahmedabad treating patients with similar cases. I wasted no time and flew to Ahmedabad. After the consultation, I was put on spinal rehab protocol. Amazing is the word that I would describe this place overall. Right from the front desks, to the peons, to the doctors, every individual is so motivating and positive. You straight away get good vibes. After few days only I started to feel better overall. Walking became pain free and I could confidently go on for a longer period. I am extremely happy with the outcome and services rendered to me. I recommend anyone in pain to visit this place once. I convey my gratitude and appreciation to team Mission Heath. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Pinakin ParikhBusinessman, Mumbai, Maharastra

I feel a great deal more comfortable than when I arrived. I am now free of pain, soreness and stiffness. My posture has improved many folds. You have to see it to believe it. I am better equipped for when I return to my regular routine, better equipped both intellectually and physically. I have been taught key elements of Ergonomics and remedial exercise. I would make sure I now follow them to the ‘T’. Even with the staff I felt that every doctor who treated me was friendly and well informed. Each of them has worked to put me at ease and ensure that I learn as much as I can in addition to ‘passive’ treatment. The staff seems to have the patient’s interest at heart in a truly genuine way. Even the peons were courteous and positive. I felt as if the technology used is world class. The culture I describe above is the creation of Dr. Aalap and Dr. Disha Shah, supported by the sustained efforts of senior and junior doctors. Mission Health’s vibrancy and dynamism rise out of Dr. Aalap’s passion to heal and to assist others in achieving a pain free, surgery free life. I thank each and every person I encountered here. I honour their dedication and care.

Mr. Ashik ShahEntrepreneur, London, UK

Magic is all I feel. What do I say? I was a man going to be operated at a renowned hospital in Mumbai as I had been tired of this pain in my neck radiating towards my arms and fingers. This caused me difficulty in sleeping, working and doing all the routine activities with great discomfort. As I was preparing my luggage for Mumbai for my surgery, a relative of mine who came for a formal visit advised me to go and get consulted at Mission Health, Ahmedabad. She sounded very convincing and positive and thus we decided to give it one final try. We reached Ahmedabad and without wasting any time I meat Dr. Aalap Shah and explained my condition to him. I couldn’t walk and was scared of walking without support. I had lost my balance and owing to all these factors other specialists had advised me surgery but here was a doctor who gave me hopes without surgery. After few sessions of treatment, I feel alive. I can walk without any support. I have regained my balance and there is renewed energy. Thank you, Mission Health for giving me this pain free life without any surgery. My request to all the doctors is to please suggest physiotherapy first and then advise surgery. I would recommend Mission Health to anyone who is looking for an alternative to surgery.

Mr. Subhashbhai V. VoraBusinessman, Sangli, Maharastra