What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics means science applied to the human body. It means using the body in a biomechanically correct way which avoids stress & strain on the Spine, Knee & different body parts.

When we acquire a new car or mobile device, we are provided with an instruction manual to guide us on its optimal usage. Regrettably, the human body does not come with a built-in "User Manual". Consequently, we often employ our bodies in a haphazard manner, leading to various discomforts and afflictions such as neck pain, back pain, sciatica, knee pain, and so forth.

Ergonomics Workshop by Mission Health is like an “Instruction Manual” for the human body. It teaches the Optimal Postures for Neck, Back and Knee. It teaches correct way to sit, stand, work, sleep, drive, exercise, doing daily activities like lifting, pushing, etc so that most burning problems of Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Knee Pain and other musculoskeletal aches and pains can be prevented.

Ergonomics Workshop By Mission Health

The Ergonomics Workshop is Mission Health’s brain child. Mission Health is pioneer in the field of Ergonomics in India. At Mission Health, The Ergonomics Workshop is held for all patients with Back, Neck & Knee problems at regular intervals. By adhering to just half of the recommendations provided in the workshop, individuals can liberate themselves from the burden of back and neck pain indefinitely.

We are Ergonomic Consultants for many Multinational Companies in India. The Ergonomics Workshop is a fight against Work / Computer Related Injuries and Repetitive Stress Injuries.

Through its impact on work efficiency and productivity, it indirectly fosters the overall growth of both individuals and organizations.

Ergonomics Workshop
Ergonomics Workshop

Who can attend it?

It’s for everyone & anyone. Regardless of whether one is a student, teacher, professor, IT professional, housewife, chartered accountant, banker, office worker, dentist, surgeon, laborer, police officer, diamond merchant, or anyone else leading a sedentary or physically active lifestyle, it is essential for them to acquire knowledge in the field of Ergonomics.. The Ergonomics Workshop can be attended by anyone from 7 years onwards.

More Than 7Lacs People Attended Ergonomics Workshop by Mission Health

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